I guess by now you’ve heard the news of William & Kate’s baby being born. I can’t help thinking about how he will grow up in a much more modern royal household. Even though Prince William grew up a lot different than his father did, he still had quite the input from his father and … More THE NEW PRINCE

America’s Justice system needs some serious adjusting!!!

I’m referring of course to the latest trial of that Zimmerman guy, there’s something seriously wrong here, he gunned down a 17 yr old unarmed kid, who was simply in the wrong area. I understand that Zimmerman was part of a neighborhood watch group, but the way he went about it was all wrong. From … More America’s Justice system needs some serious adjusting!!!

Dose of reality

For the past 12 wks, I was less than excited to learn the news that I’m gonna be a grandma. On Wed., the 3rd of July, I got a jolt of reality with the site of my grandbaby via an ultrasound picture. I also got to see him /her moving from the dvd that my … More Dose of reality

What would you do?

At my job, I encounter many different types of people on a daily basis, and it doesn’t bother me really, I’m used to it. I’ve been in “public service” jobs most of my adult life, I’m a people person really, I like interacting with people, (most people), but once in a while I get one … More What would you do?

Morning rant.

I’m sitting here this morning in front of my computer, at a total loss for words. I don’t know why, so If I start rambling on, it’s because I’m just writing shit down cause I don’t know what else to talk about. I was enjoying just a few minutes ago, my two cats engaging in … More Morning rant.