Fast Food Customers

Ya know, sometimes I really wonder why people have to be so damn nasty to people who work in fast food restaurants. Especially when the come 5 minutes before we close, then they have the nerve to bitch cause they have to wait.  HELLO!!!!! We’re tryin’ to close, usually by 10:55, most of the dishes … More Fast Food Customers

Stereotyping, is it right or wrong? What’s your opinon

I saw a video on facebook about this guy who was harassing this Middle Eastern guy in a café, and tellin’ him he’s a terrorist, yatta yatta yatta. The harasser, and the Muslim guy were both actors (unbeknownst to the other customers) all but one guy stood up fot the Muslim.  Then an off duty … More Stereotyping, is it right or wrong? What’s your opinon

Never forget

I know there’s probably quite a few posts today with stories of people’s thoughts, feelings and even experiences with the 911 tragedy. I will express what I felt about that day, what I did etc.    I was at home doing what I should have been doing, and that was housework, at the moment that … More Never forget