Change of jobs

I changed jobs recently, I went from McDonald’s to Dairy Queen for a couple of reasons.

1. They were scheduling me for 2 days a week, and only 5 hours maximum each day…what the fuck is up with that. I had worked at this job for 5 yrs. I really didn’t want to leave because I’d be moving back to New England sometime in 2014 or early in 2015. But the jerks did that to me. I did a lot for them, came in on my days off, stayed late, came in early etc. My attendance was excellent, in 5 yrs, I only called off 4 times. That’s it, I was rarely late, and never did a no call-no show, although near the end, I was very temped.  It just became a stressfull situation to go in there every day.  Also, with the price of gas, it almost wasn’t worth going in for those short shifts, a lot of the time they’d have me on 2 days a week, or 3 days only 3 hours.

2. they made it difficult for me to do my job, I worked mostly nights, and I was used to closing the store, cleaning up, and stuff, but the slipshod shift manager they had there would stand around and do nothing when we got busy and would disappear and leave me to handle front counter and drive through myself.  It got so, it was a shouting match anytime I worked with this manager, she just didn’t want to help. I asked her one night to put a head set on and take some orders, her answer was, I don’t know how. I looked at her and said you how to take orders at the counter, talking through the head set is really no different, besides, as a manager, you should know EVERY area of the store, and do it well. I’d complain to the store manager never said anything to her. I decided it was time to leave.


So I filled out an application to a local Dairy Queen just a block from my house, (a 5 min. walk) and got the job, The latest I work is to 4:30 in the afternoon, they often have me on the shift for 4 days, 6.5 hours each of those days, NOW THAT’S what I call better hours.

Now hears the clincher…..this same McDonald’s, has since lost 4 more very good people since I left, all of them have worked there at least 3 yrs, 2 of them worked there 12 yrs or more. It used to be a great place to work, it really was. It went down hill. Get this, it’s the owner, she has NO business running a business, she has NEVER worked at that store or any place really, she married into money, she married someone who had about 12 or 13 stores, she now owns 12 of them. She actually retired and her daughter’s (greedy just like their mother) now own them. Now, I’ve heard stories from different people who all said the same thing, she made roughly 7million on each store, and this is what she gave us all for Christmas, a $5 gift card for a local GROCERY store that only rich people could afford to shop at. She chose that one because she could get points toward free gas. She had previously spent $25,000. for a digital sign for the front of the local High School, just to make her self look good, maybe to the other “rich” people in the neighborhood, but not to her many many employees. The store is in a state of disrepair, the equipment inside is also broken and difficult if not dangerous to work with. It’s just deplorable how someone with that much money could let something like this happen. I just doesn’t make any sense.

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