My husband told me he read something that really made him sick…two women, left 2 toddlers in a house alone while they went out and picked someone up to drive them somewhere, meanwhile, the children ended up trapped in the house which caught fire. The older of the children, the 3 yr old, (the other one was 2) died in the fire, the other is fighting for his or her life.

One of the women was the children’s aunt, the relationship of the other woman is not known (to me anyway), and they didn’t seem the least bit concerned. The Aunt said to someone interviewing her, that she was glad she got her purse out of the house cause it had her food stamp card in it. Excuse my language but, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER? She has to be on drugs. Two children alone in a burning house, one dies, the other is in the hospital and all she cares about is her fuckin’ food stamp card? Every single damn day I hear about shit like this, if it’s not some moron leaving his kid in the car while he’s in the store, while the child bakes in a hot car, it’s some drugged out poor excuse for a parent or caretaker that does something, or doesn’t do something the should, that ends in the child’s death.

The thing that pisses me off, is there are people out there, GOOD people who can’t have children for some reason or another, and these bitches and bastards are out there, being cruel, or neglectful and every way shape and form possible to innocent children. Why is this happening? Can someone please tell me, other than the world is gone to hell in a hand basket.

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