The Kennedy’s a must watch.

I’m sure most of you know, the 22nd of this month is the 50th anniversary of the day JFK was assassinated. While watching t.v. the other day, (I have Dish) there was a channel called Reelz, and they showed the movie The Kennedy’s in it’s entirety. Although I missed the first half hour of it, I was able to watch the rest, but recorded it on my dvr incase I had to leave the room. Never has anything like that captured my attention.

I’ve always had an interest about the Kennedy family, (and not just because I too am a Massachusetts native) but because they are always in the news in some way shape and form. I wonder if any of the children of Joe and Rose Kennedy are still alive. It’s seems like their sons have all died, I just wonder if any of their daughters.  I will have to look up just how many children they had, and learn more about them all.

I’m also curious (or bold) enough to ask…..where were you when Kennedy was assassinated? I’ll start the ball rolling by saying I was only a baby, just 8 days shy of turning 5 mos. old. My husband was only 4 yrs old.. and the funny, and spooky thing about that is that our son was just 4 yrs old, when JFK Jr. died.

I’m not going to say what happened in this movie, cause if you’re older than me you probably already know what transpired in the Kennedy administration. I never used to be a history  buff, but I’m beginning to be. I sucked at history in school, perhaps it bored me, but I did awful at it, well, now I like to learn about stuff, and realize now, just how little I know. I do know a lot of things, but there’s still a lot of things I don’t know, that I figure a 50 yr old woman should know.

For instance, I had no idea that the Cuban missile crisis happened in JFK’s time in office, I thought it was during either the Nixon, Ford or Carter administration…no, just the first two, I was 14 when Jimmy Carter was in office, and I don’t remember anything newsworthy happening when he was in office, he and his brother probably sat in the oval office swapping beer and peanut recipes. At any rate, I MOST newsworthy president since I’ve been alive was Kennedy.  I also find it shocking that after 50 yrs the mystery is solved as to WHO actually delivered the fatal shot to JFK. It was NOT Lee Harvey Oswald.

After the movie there was a special called JFK/The smoking gun. Which tells us that it was impossible for Oswald to have killed Kennedy.


1. The ammunition used couldn’t have done the damage Kennedy suffered, the bullets he used were called full metal jackets,  designed to go in and out of it’s target leaving the bullet intact. The bullet that killed Kennedy was one that was designed to go in and explode into little fragments,

2. The line of trajectory was such that the route the bullet took that killed him came from ground level, NOT the 6th floor of the book depository.

3. The people on the ground when the presidential motorcade went by smelled gun powder after the president was fatally shot. There was a gun expert on there that said to smell gunpowder you have to be upwind from it (which the bystanders were) and it has to blow in your face. It was IMPOSSIBLE to smell it if it came from a 6th floor window.

So who shot JFK? A secret service agent sitting in the car DIRECTLY behind the president, there is even one picture with the agent holding a high powered assault rifle. They showed x-rays of Kennedy’s head, and a picture of him with his brains hanging out. Very graffic. It makes me angry to know how corrupt this country is. If anyone else had killed Kennedy (besides Oswald), they’d be in prison or dead right now, but a secret service agent who is sworn to PROTECT him and his family actually killed him. I don’t know how he could sleep all those years, or how the other agents in the car with him could.

The special showed how they waited for Kennedy to retire in his bed the night before, and then go out partying til 5am, then back on the job at 6am, no sleep. I’m sorry something about that isn’t right. Did they shrug that off as an accident?

Anyway, well now know it wasn’t Oswald, infact, he shot only twice at him, one shot missed, the other went through Kennedy’s neck, out his chest, and into just under the armpit, and out of the chest and into the thigh of Gov. John Conley sitting in front of Kennedy. My big question is this? WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH WAS KENNEDY AND HIS ENTERAGE RIDING IN A FRIGGIN’ CONVERTABLE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Anyway, this was an awesome movie and special afterward

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