Monopoly: It’s not just a game anymore.

   When people think of Monopoly, they think of endless ours of fun trying to buy out all the properties on that ever popular Park Brothers game. When I talk of Monopoly, (at least these days), I’m talking about how the church at the end of my alley, is hell bent on buying up everyone’s houses, knocking them down and building God knows what. They’ve already previously knocked one house down last year, and rebuilt a youth center, ok, that’s fine, but do they have to buy ALL the houses on this block? Just in the past few days they knocked down another house they bought previously by a bank who had foreclosed on the previous owners.

    They had sent us and everyone else in this block a letter asking us to sell. I know the neighbor behind us said no way, another neighbor 2 doors down wrote a big fat NO and mailed it back to them. (which I think is hilarious). And my family and I rent the house we’re living in, and I know our landlord won’t sell. Knowing the church will turn it into a parking lot I think will make him NEVER want to sell. When my family and I moved to this town in 1994, there was a family living in every house on this block, and we got to know most, if not all of them. Now only 3 families remain, besides ours. Why do churches feel they have to monopolize areas to suit their needs?  Where my husband grew up in the next town over, his old house is not there anymore either. They lived next to a church, and they too tried to buy it from my husband’s mom, she said no. Instead they sold it via a real estate agent. The people they sold it to, sold it to the church. Now the site where the house stood, is a parking lot. It’s really sad, before we know it, there’ll be no houses anywhere, just churches and endless parking lots. Well, that’s an exaggeration I know, but that’s what it seems like. Any thoughts on this or similar experiences?

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