Lack of Respect for others, it’s everywhere !!!

       Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, there seems to be a shortage of respect for others. While riding in my car on my way to the store, at work, taking a leisurely stroll down the streets of my once quiet, carefree neighborhood. Where has it all gone? It’s not just kids who disrespect others, it’s adults too. I’m one of those “baby boomers” you always hear about. You know, the ones who grew up in a society where you could leave your car and even your house doors unlocked, w/o fear of someone entering w/o permission (depending on where you live of course, even back then it wasn’t wise to do that in the bigger cities). Ours was a society that was a lot kinder to other people, any kind of people, it didn’t matter.

  It’s not like that now, today’s people are a different breed altogether.They don’t have manners, they talk down to people, they get impatient when walking behind a much slower elderly person. Then there’s the kind of disrespect that’s visual instead of verbal, and that’s all those guys that walk around with their pants hanging below their hips, and their underwear is showing. I grew up in the late 60’s, early 70’s, and people usually walked around with pants around their waist, and also usually had a belt on. Why is this so attractive to these people? It’s disgusting. I know what it means, and it should be kept where it originated….in the prisons. I think the law makers should make it mandatory that it’s illegal to walk around like that. Many stores are turning away people who wear their pants below their butts. I think if someone is walking down the streets like that, they should be fined. That’s another problem with today’s society, they are too permissive, they don’t want to OFFEND the people who chose to….with lack of a better term, Express themselves.  Express themselves? Looks more like EXPOSING themselves to me. What about the ones who dress the normal way, covering the areas meant to be covered, walking around with at least a shred of decency. We are now the silent majority. I’m tired of being silent, I want to, (and often do) scream out the window at people dressed like that…..PULL YOUR !@#$%^& PANTS UP.

       Another form of disrespect, and for me it’s totally unacceptable, is how people are treated because of their looks. Yesterday, on the news, (and I didn’t hear where this happened), I believe it’s still being investigated, but a woman went into a KFC with her 4 yr old granddaughter. The girl had just gotten out of the hospital weeks after being mauled by a dog. Her face is full of scars, still very fresh scars, this poor little girl will never be the same. Anyhow, one of the employees of this KFC came up to the woman and said she and the girl would have to leave because her scars are offending other customers. She was so humiliated and appauled that people could be so cruel, they did leave but she then pressed charges against that KFC for discrimination against her granddaughter. First of all, I don’t blame her a bit, but….if I were her, I would have told that employee this:

1. My granddaughter was mauled by a dog, she just got out of the hospital, and wanted something that tasted better than that horrible hospital food.

2. She has as much a right to eat here as anyone else, she’s sitting quietly, minding her own business, enjoying a delicious lunch with her grandmother.

3. She’s not being a nuisance to anyone else here, there’s no reason what so ever why she or I should leave.

4. You need to tell that ignorant, uncompassionate jerk who complained that if he/she doesn’t like seeing my granddaughter’s face, he/she doesn’t have to look at it. In other words, change tables or they themselves can leave.


     That floored my husband and I, we were furious that someone could be so cold. That’s a 4 yr old child who will probably terribly afraid of dogs for a very long time, perhaps for the rest of her life. It’s traumatizing to a young child like that. And even if she had some disfigurement she may have been born with…SO WHAT!  No body is perfect!  It just proves that people are ignorant, callous, and cold towards others who look different.

      In my opinion, that employee should be fired, that customer that complained, maybe he/she needs to stay the hell home. I have always hated people who are repulsed by people with disfigurements, or just look different. It’s the people who are different that move mountains. By that I mean the ones who stand out, usually end up being the ones who make a positive difference in the world. I wish more people could see that.

     Growing up, I always seeked out the outcasts in a group, for they didn’t judge others, or turn up their noses at others. They didn’t care what you looked like, or how you dressed or talked, or how you wore your hair. They just wanted to be treated like a person should be treated. With kindness, and respect, with dignity, and truthfulness. They just wanted to have at least one friend to pal around with and have fun. It’s very rare to see that anymore, too many people are wanting to be first to have the latest cell phone or tablet, the first new car to roll off the assembly line. The first hot toy for the Christmas season, and they’ll fight anyone for it.

       To many people in today’s society are greedy, heartless, selfish people, and Karma has away of knocking you on your behind when you get to big for your britches. I’ve always believed that whatever goes around, comes around, and I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall, when the ignorant morons of today get a big chunk of their behind bitten off by that thing called Karma.

        I must say before I finish my little shpiel about respect, or the lack thereof……Think about Karma folks, there’s a good Karma, and also the bad Karma, and they’re both waiting for you. I know people have said respect is earned, not given….I believe to get respect, you have to give a little too. If you show the slightest bit of respect to someone, (even though they may not deserve it) good vibes will rain down on you. You will be the better person for it. So show a little kindness to your fellow man, or woman. If the people of this world would heed the words from the bible that simply state, (I’ll say it in non biblical terms since I don’t know the exact words) treat others as though you like to be treated. If everyone did this….the world would be a better place, I know I live by that every day. I always have, and I always will.

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