Neighborhood squatters

       Just some random vent about a couple of squatters (well, that’s what I call ’em) that have been trying to live in anything they possibly can. I live on an alley and there’s some storage units along half way down the alley and around the corner, and one would think it’s the LEAST desirable place to take up shelter.

       They pretty much make their business everyone else’s, by having loud conversations about their previous home life, in the early evening while we (my family and I) and our 1 elderly neighbor behind us.  Then, when they’re NOT arguing and carrying on, they’re either closed up in their unit, (mind you, there’s no ventilation in there, and only one plug for the light.) or they sit outside of us, and just stare at us, and/or our neighbor, and one day got brazen enough to come ask my husband for a ride cause it was raining.  He opened the door and asked…..what do you want? She said, can you give my friend and I a ride? It’s raining (a light sprinkle), he said no, my granddaughter’s asleep, and my car’s not running, sorry. He’s nice, I’d have told them…does this look like a taxi service to you? Luckily for them, I wasn’t home.

       They even went to my neighbor and the woman asked her if she could use her bathroom, she’s “supposedly” pregnant. I don’t buy that, I think she was using that as an excuse because my neighbor is elderly, and she may have felt bad for the woman. My neighbor, “Gerri” reluctantly let her, but followed her, and stood outside the bathroom, in her bedroom doorway, and followed her out, then shut the door. Gerri said the woman just scowled at her, and didn’t even have the courtesy of thanking her. In the process of closing the door behind her, she said you’re not welcome! 

      Now, Gerri is afraid of sitting outside on her patio afraid of being approached by either of them. Well, now, their unit is empty (probably got kicked out), and my daughter saw the both of them carrying a recliner down the alley. If the woman is pregnant, she shouldn’t be carrying furniture. We think they’ve taken up shelter in a garage that was once part of a house, which is no longer there. The local church, bought the house and knocked it down, leaving the garage there for storage.  From my upstairs bedroom window, I have a birdseye view of the garage, and I will be watching. If I see those two, I will be contacting the people who own it. There’s a no trespassing sign on it on the alley side of the garage. I want those two gone from the neighborhood, I just think their up to no good. Call me cruel and unfeeling, but I have to look after my elderly neighbor and my family. I cannot bear to have anything happen to them. I hate to sound so heartless, but they just need to go back where they came from.  People who are homeless, have a tendency to intrude, and/or invade other people’s property.

        I don’t feel that calling the police is necessary, as of yet, the only offence they may have committed is vagrancy, if it was just me living in the area, I probably wouldn’t pay any mind to them, but I have young adult son w/autism, my husband is disabled, and there’s my 8mo. old granddaughter living in my house,  I have to be vigilant, and I will defend them, and Gerri as well. Tell me,  am I right to be this way? Or am I prejudging them (the squatters)?  Any thoughts?

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