Merry Christmas!

Good morning fellow bloggers, I’d like to begin this first with, Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, or if you’d rather me generalize it….Happy Holidays. Ok, now…. although last year was my first official Christmas as a grandmother, my granddaughter was only 9 days old, that year, hardly much fun when they’re a newborn.  This year, she’s 1yr and 9days old, walking, babbling, getting into things, and charming the socks off all of us. This year feels like it’s officially my first Christmas as a grandmother, and I’m loving it. As I speak, It’s 5:30 in the morning, I’ve just come in from taking my dog out, and I feel as though I’ve gotten to sleep in, usually he has me up at 1:30-2:00am, so 5:30 is sleeping in for me, and I feel well rested, refreshed, and now I’m hearing noises coming from the kitchen and have to go check on that dog…oooooh that dog. Oh, he’s sitting at my feet, it was one of my cats, their as much as a pain as the dog is sometimes. lol, anyway, where was I ? Oh yeah, I’m refreshed as I said, sitting here with my cup of tea and some butter cookies (I gotta have something to dunk), I can hardly wait for my granddaughter to wake up, along with everyone else, so we can get to unwrapping. No, not for me, I have very few items under that tree, and that’s how I prefer it, Christmas is for children. I can get stuff all through the year, I don’t need to wait til Christmas to get stuff. I’ll have my camera ready to watch her tear into her stuff, I know it’ll get more fun every following year, but I will sure to enjoy watching her anyway.
While watching her, and everyone else unwrap their presents, my thoughts will go back in time, to a time and place when I was a young girl, having Christmas with my mom and brothers. It was tradition at our house when we were little that we didn’t see even the tree til Christmas morning. My grandfather would go out to the forest, and cut down a tree, and set it up in our living room, string the lights, and Mom would decorated it, and when we got up in the morning, there, standing in the living room was a big full live Christmas tree, with beautiful lights and ornaments on it, and that tinsel (which I never use anymore, it’s a bitch to vacuum up). And all the presents that Santa brought. I remember seeing my mom’s smiling face as we tore into our presents. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t big on taking pictures, most (if not all)pictures were taken by my grandparents or my dad when he came to visit. (I guess you could tell, my parents were not together).
Those days of course are gone, my brothers and I all grew up, had families of our own, and now I’m experiencing Christmas as a grandparent, as the oldest of my brothers will experience it next Christmas with his grandson (soon to be born in April). So the circle of live goes on, and on. I can’t wait til I can tell my granddaughter, Isabella how my family spent Christmas, and how we didn’t see a tree till we woke up the next morning. Some people might think that that’s kinda weird or strange, but it was pretty cool. Then when we got a little older, my mom decided she’d try having an artificial tree, the ones in the 1970’s weren’t as pretty as some of the ones these days, but for the times, they were really nice. You didn’t have to worry about them drying out, and never had to water them. The year Mom decided to have a fake tree was quite hilarious. I was about 7 yrs old, and my bedroom was right off the living room. I had my door opened a crack and could watch from the comforts of my bed, the goings on in the living room. The goings on of watching my mom trying to assemble this tree. She (not unlike myself) didn’t like to read directions, she thought, “how tough can this be?” Well, when you’ve NEVER set up a fake tree, it could be quite a daunting task. She was assembling this thing, and it wasn’t standing upright, and she was getting pissed. Just then, a knock at the door, it was one of the neighbor’s sons. He was borrowing some milk for a recipe, Mom invited him in, and he could see her dilemma, he said to her, Mrs. Haynes, are you having a problem with that tree? She said, yes, I’ve never had a fake one, and I can’t seem to get it to stand up and stay up. He said, I’ll bring this to Mom, and come back with one of my brothers, and we’ll help you, we always have a fake tree, our dad is allergic to real ones. Mom was thankful for that, she said good, I’ll get some cookies out and some hot chocolate on the stove. He did come back with his brother, and they had that tree reassembled in no time at all. Problem? Mom had the small branches at the bottom and the big ones at the top, making it a “top heavy” inverted triangle. They had some hot chocolate and cookies, which she sent home with them for their other brothers (and parents) to enjoy, and she was happy to just decorate it. They even strung the lights on it for her. Meanwhile, I had all I could do to laugh, watching them figure out that she had it backwards. I had to bury my face in my pillow and laugh like hell. I kept her secret that next morning and that time after. I remember telling my mom later (when I was a young adult) that I had watched her struggle with that tree, and we had a good laugh, but I don’t know if my brothers ever knew about that. Guess I’ll have to get on Facebook and ask them. Until then, I will just relish in those thoughts, and patiently wait for the day I can share my childhood Christmases with my granddaughter, and any and all other future grandchildren after that. For now, until that time. I will sign off, bidding my readers a happy healthy holiday season, and share your traditions, or at least stories of your family traditions with the next generation, I’m sure they will enjoy hearing the tales. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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