Another Christmas here and gone.

I’m glad it’s over, I’m going to have to buy things as I see them. I didn’t have any money left to get my husband anything for Christmas, he doesn’t care, but I do. He got me a winter coat, I said that could’ve waited, he said it was on sale. I said still, my other coat was fine, it just needed the pocket sewn up. He said I needed something different. So that I considered my Christmas presents.

I can’t wait til February, when I get my first royalty payment. I will get one again May, August & November, so every Feb, May, Aug & November, (as long as my book sells) I will get a royalty payment. Part of that money will be used to pay over due bills, and debts to family members I owe money too.  In case you’re wondering what my book is about. It’s a revised version of a book I wrote back in 2000, and had it published when I finished it in 2003. But the publisher the first time around didn’t care whether it sold or not, for a free option of publishing, and NOT supplying it with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), it was only available on the site called

My book is called Boredom doesn’t live here, it’s about our trials and tribulations raising a boy with Autism. I’ve recently (back in September) found another publisher, who takes the risks (financial) risks, and takes their fees out after it sells, and pays a royalty of 70%. Which is unheard of. The book is currently being edited and proof read, and should be done that process by the end of this month. Then I will get a copy to look over and make sure every thing is to my approval, if not, they will fix what I need changed or fixed, if so, then it will be sent to the printers. My publisher said that should take a period of two weeks, (they are not a POD publisher), and it should be available everywhere books are sold, by mid January. My first royalty should be paid by the middle of Feb. Every royalty after that will be paid quarterly. The publisher wants to be paid, so they will make sure it sells. Not sure what the price will be, the last time it was available for $10.00. It’s a bit bigger time around, (i.e. more pages)so I’m hoping it gets at least $15.00 a copy. I’m so excited, the money I make from royalties, will subsidize my income, my only problem is, (and I’m running out of time), I need to decide whether to put my picture in it with the “about the author” section in the back of the book. I’m weighing out the pros and cons. What would you do in my shoes?  Anyway, I’ve strayed too far from the subject.

Christmas….it was great while it lasted, but next year, it will be greater.

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