The waiting is over

The 36 yr  gap between winners is over! American Pharoah WON the triple crown! I had a feeling he would. I just knew it. I saw  him come from 4th place in the Kentucky Derby to win, then in a torrential rain during the Preakness, he again, left the rest of them in the mud. Then yesterday, though he had trouble breaking out of the gate, Pharoah took an early lead, never to lose it, he came close, stayed pretty much 3/4 of a length in front of the horse in second place, (a gray horse named Frosted), as they got around the final stretch, Victor Espinoza (the jockey) asked Pharoah for more speed, and Pharoah delivered, being the first horse in 36 yrs to win the triple crown, and only the 12th horse to do it. The papers are saying 37 years, yeah, it maybe 37 yrs  after the last horse won it, which was Affirmed in 1978, BUT, we had no winners for 36 yrs. This year a horse did. Had Pharoah lost it, THEN it would be a 37 yr gap, but he won, so, the distance between TCW’s was 36.

He still didn’t do it in the speed that Secretariat ran, I don’t think we’ll EVER seen another speed demon like Sec. ever. his record will remain unsurpassed for all time I think. I had to watch the race on my dvr, because I had to work, and I actually wish my husband hadn’t told me he won, but it was exciting all the same, I had to watch a replay of that races about 3 or 4 times. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. Finally the “drought” as they call it was over. I started out watching these stakes races or TCW races at the tender age of 9. My grandparents got me into it. It was 1973, yes, the very year Secretariat won. I don’t really remember the first two races, but I do vividly remember him leaving them all in the dust, with them WAAAAAAY behind them, he and Sham turned it into a 2 horse race, them going back and forth, then, Sec had enough of that, and he pulled ahead, it’s as though the jockey (Ron Turcotte) stoked up the fire. And away he went, Sham just couldn’t keep up, and he turned into a One-horse race. It was amazing. Ever since then, I have watched all three races RELIGIOUSLY, I would watch the first one, then the second, if the KD winner didn’t win the Preakness, I didn’t really care about watching the Belmont. I’d watch it, but  I wouldn’t care if I missed it.  The only time (in my life thus far) that there was a TCW twice in a row was 1977 with Seattle Slew, then in 1978 with Affirmed as the winners. after that, came the  36 yr drought, until yesterday.

It takes a special horse, and jockey to pull that off. The Belmont is the test of champions, it’s the longest of the 3 races, a mile and a half, few horses have been able to do it, with American Pharoah being only the 12th. It’s grueling, it takes a lot out of them. There have some that have come close, and no filly has ever done it, there have been 21 fillies who have won the Derby, but not the triple crown. They’re just built different, more delicate, the boys are stronger and bigger, and they have testosterone helping them along. The fillies just don’t have the stamina. If you ask me, I don’t think they should race the fillies at all.  Anyway, our wait is finally over, American Pharoah has joined the elite list of TCWs, and I personally believe that the next drought between tcw’s will be just as long, if not longer.  They begin racing these colts at an early age, 2 is just too young I think. I think they should race them when their no younger than 3. Maybe if they do that, then they’ll have more winners…but that’s the name of the game. I probably won’t see another winner in my lifetime. If I do, I’ll be very surprised.

My family can’t understand why I get so stoked up in the 5 wks  beginning on the 1st Saturday in may up until early June when the Belmont is over, but it’s really the only sports I watch religiously on t.v., I despise basket ball, I fall asleep over hockey or golf, baseball’s rules are too long and confusing, and football… at least a little easier to deal with watching. I don’t really have a favorite team, so just to make it interesting, I’ll usually choose the opposing team that’s against my husband’s team.  I also enjoy figure skating, diving and gymnastics to watch, but not much else. So when my stakes races are on every year, I get all geared up. I’ll pick a horse first to win the Derby, if he doesn’t win, I will choose the Derby winner to win the next two, if he doesn’t win the Preakness, there’s no chance at a triple crown, and I may or may not watch the Belmont, it’s not a big deal to me to watch it, I’ll find out about it in the newspaper.  But if the Derby winner DOES win the Preakness, I absolutely HAVE to watch the Belmont, and up until yesterday, I have been disappointed for the past 36 yrs.  I’ll bet the whole team involved with Pharoah’s training good the best night’s sleep last night. Congratulations to American Pharoah, Victor Espinoza, and the rest of the team involved with that wonderful animal. You deserve it.

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