Weighing the options

I’m having trouble trying to decide. I have an opportunity to supplement my income, with one of those “Work from home” type jobs. I don’t yet know what it entails, the woman will call me on Sat. to have me listen to a short “10 min. audio, on how the job works, what is my main job. I don’t have to sell anything, and if I’m thinking right, I probably have to post links to a website they’ll set up for me, it sounds easy enough, but I have to invest $99.00 as a one time fee for setting up the website and a domain name for the job. I only have to invest 2 hours of my time for this job, but she said I could earn more in a day than I can for 2wks time. Who wouldn’t want that kind of money coming in? I could quit my job at DQ, or just work whatever hours and keep that paycheck for myself, while using the other money to pay off bills and save for a really nice  house.

I’d love to have a fixer upper that I could make my own. My husband is on the same page as far as finding a fixer upper, we pretty much have the same taste in décor for a house. However, he’s more of a skeptic when it comes to these work from home jobs, and makes sure I don’t spend my money on something that’s not a sure thing. Which is fine by me, because I am an impulsive buyer, and I would buy everything. Infact, if I didn’t have him to ground me, I’d be a hoarder, not one of those filthy ones, but one of those collective ones.  I’m sure of it. Anyway I’m rambling. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has invested in one of these work from home jobs and have made a pretty good living off of it. I’m not the greedy type, but I do have trouble making ends meet, and would love to be free of debt, I know that regular utilities and stuff come up, I’m talking about  past debts, paid for, and done for all time, and be able to save enough to retire on. I’m gonna be 52 in a couple of weeks, which means I still have 13 yrs or so til I can retire, which will probably be never if I rely on the paycheck I’m currently getting on a bi wkly basis.

I would love to start a trust fund for my granddaughter and any other grandchildren that come along. I can’t at this point in time. I’d love to be able to help my daughter and her family be comfortable, and get a nice house to raise their family in. I want to make enough to help my son, get into other programs that will keep him busy and away from the computer for a while. He has autism, and he has his routine, that’s very difficult to change. I want to help him eventually break out of that Autistic world of his if at all possible. I’d LOVE for him to thrive in this world as a non Autistic young man, find a girlfriend, get married and have a family of his own. I know it’s probably a pipe dream at this point in time, but it’s a dream just the same. The bottom line is….I need to make more money than I’m making at the present time. So if some one could give me some insight as to whether this is a good idea, I would love to hear it.

My husband would be protecting our assets by not letting me invest, but what if this thing is legit, and I/we miss out? I can’t bear to think of it.

4 thoughts on “Weighing the options

  1. You have so many responsibilities. I hope you can find a way to earn enough to fulfill all your plans 🙂 whatever it is, if you have done enough research, just give it a try 🙂

    1. Thank you. As it goes, I will have to look at something else, perhaps in the field of what my passion is, and that is writing. I may have to take course in freelance writing or copywriting. I know there’s money to be made in those fields, but I think I need some good training. I love to write, and I would love to get paid doing something I love to do. I’m even thinking of taking bits and pieces of my journals, and making a fictionalized story about it. Anyway, that other work at home job didn’t pan out. It was too confusing for an old, “set in my ways” grandma such as my self. No biggie, things happen for a reason. I’ll just keep plugging along til I find something that feeds my niche.

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