Message to the public on how to behave in the drive thru.

Working in a restaurant w/a drive thru, has it’s pros and cons. More cons sometimes, but enough pros in order to keep my sanity.  This is basically a wish list.


  1. I wish people would learn that they are NOT the only people placing orders, there are customers inside as well, and we make the food in the order that they come up on the screen.
  2. I wish people would learn to speak to us in a manner that’s a little less rude and a little more courteous.
  3. I wish people would realize we are only human, and just like them, we make mistakes, and sometimes their orders will get messed up, be nice to us when complaining about the order, we will be more than happy to fix it for you, by either a new item, freshly made, or your money back if not completely satisfied.
  4. I wish people would realize that at busy, peak times, wait times may be longer to get your food, either be patient, or come inside, or come back later, but if you decide to wait, then assume that the car in front of you, and/or in front of them, might order a bunch of stuff, and it is beyond our control, so don’t bitch and moan if stuff is taking too long to get your food. If you’re on a lunch break and the line is long, then HELLO, go somewhere where it’s not going to be that busy.

We all have a job to do, make sure that you the customer gets served in a timely manner, with food that’s hot, fresh and delicious. Sometimes, things happen, orders may be made wrong, or take too long, or you may get the wrong order altogether. Please, let us know, and we will be more than happy to fix the problem and maybe even compensate your inconvenience with a coupon for a free food item, but remember…we food service workers are human, sometimes we work under stressful circumstances, (i.e. short handed), new employees that aren’t up to snuff quite yet, have mercy, be kind, and you’ll get the same in return. If you are rude to us, we will still do our best to make you happy, but we won’t do it with a smile, not a genuine one anyway.

Looking down your noses at us is no way to be. We can turn the tables and look down our noses at you too. Do unto others! I’m a firm believer in this.  If the people of the general public bitch, moan and complain about service being slow… I invite you to get a job in any profession that serves the public, especially food service, then see just how hard we work at serving you, the customer! It’s not enjoyable unless we have polite, courteous customers who treat us like fellow human beings who are no different than they are.

Thank you for your patronage, please come again. For those of you who think you’re better than us, then just stay home and make your own breakfast, lunch and dinner.




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