A mother’s anguish… pt. 2 A better day.

I hope to make you laugh today instead of cry. Today, was a better day, he got into some stuff, but it was just his usual “lets see how many times I can escape the house to get rid of this laundry hamper” game.

  1. Let’s see, he first brought it upstairs and placed it upside down on the table, and picked at the old stuck on dirt and whatever happened to be on it. I was sitting across from him at the table, either on the computer or writing in my other journals, and he watched me intently waiting for me to get up and go in the other room, and that just wasn’t happening. (Like I can stop him anyway, lol)
  2. He ran down to the basement several times, one to try and pee in the washing machine… a new hobby of his, he succeeded the first time and I had to rewash the towels. I have a portable commode down there for him go in and he does use it, it’s just that he had this urge to be up to his old trick.  A lot of the time, Sarah or I will catch him and redirect him, this time, we weren’t that lucky.  Oh well, at least it’s not the dryer he’s peeing in…”knock wood”.
  3. He went outside and we thought he was putting the hamper in the trash barrels out there, like he’s done several times before.  Not this time, he went running up the alley, and tossed it into the alley. I ran out there and got the hamper, and he had gone back into the house.  Thank God, my neighbor, Geri is well aware of AJ and all his quirks, and she probably gets some entertainment seeing him run around outside and do odd things, like throw stuff in the alley. The other day it was an old gorilla toy he had from when he was little, don’t know where he found it, but he threw that out in the alley too, and it flew apart as it hit the ground. Sometimes I catch myself laughing when he does this shit too, I have to laugh, or else I’d go nuts. lol


Tim and I were talking when we went to bed, and he told me, maybe he’d like to paint. He said for me to go to JoAnn’s and get a roll of paper I can just roll out and secure to the table and get some  paints and some brushes, and let him take over. He’ll have fun, we’ll have fun watching him, and it’ll keep him busy enough, he won’t have time to think about what to go throw out in the alley. Maybe I’ll video tape it and upload it to  this blog. If I remember. 🙂

That’s about it for today’s entry… hope it made you smile.  Until next time…have a good one!

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