A mother’s anguish… Pt. 3

It’s slowly becoming a little less anguish, which of course is a good thing. He was at the doctor’s the other day, and the only things he really did that he wasn’t supposed to, was take out the outlet caps and tore notices off the wall, and threw them all away. We told the staff a while back to wait til we leave to put them back, cause he’ll just do it again. I think they’re used to him now.  And the other thing was when he was getting his vitals checked, he was looking around and I could see the wheels turning in that head of his, and he zeroed in on something, and as soon as they were done with him, he wasted no time in getting up, throwing himself across the room to get at this plastic box sitting on a file cabinet.

Tim had to wrestle it away from him, but it didn’t take too much effort and he let go. Tim and I had to laugh though cause the staff there told him in a soft, low, comforting voice, like they were talking to an infant. HELLO!, he’s getting into your things, SPEAK UP, he’ll listen to strangers faster, than he does people he knows.  He went back to the workshop yesterday, I was a bit apprehensive, but they assured me that they had some things that would occupy him for a good part of the day. I was ok with that, and anxious to see how his day went.

When I got home from work yesterday, I looked for notes in his book, didn’t see any, but what I also didn’t see was an incident report. Yay, Day 1 w/o an incident report, things are looking up. Hope to see more of this.  I got on my email this morning after I got AJ off to the workshop for the day, and there was a note from one of the staff. He did well yesterday, he rode a stationary bike (maybe we need to get one) played matching games. I had gotten him some play-doh the other day and he LOVED that, he loved the cold squishy soft stuff in his hands, I played with it with him, and I took off little pieces and rolled them out and made an A and J. He did the same. He made his name. I need to do the same with the rest of the alphabet.  I was thinkin’ about maybe getting a potter’s wheel and some real clay, it doesn’t harden up like playdoh does, (until it’s baked) and it can be re-softened with water. I can have him do it outside so he doesn’t make a mess in the house.. who knows, he just may like that. I tried it once in a ceramics class in high school, I found it to be relaxing,  don’t know why I never kept it up.

I welcome any other ideas.  We can’t let him sit idling, gives him too much thought as to what to get into next.  One thing is for sure is….my granddaughter, Izzy, also had a good time playing with the playdoh, at the same table with AJ, normally his pacing around, and loud vocalizations, scare her half to death, she’s normally very afraid of him, but that day with the playdoh, where he was sitting at the table, playing, and smiling, she was much more at ease, she didn’t even give it a thought. She saw us doing an activity, and she wanted to do it too. I brought her over to the table, not thinking about her fear of him, but neither was she. She just wanted to do what he was doing, so I opened up a little can of playdoh, and she too was having a ball with it. Sarah was afraid she’d try to eat it, but she didn’t. So there they sat, together at the same table. AJ wasn’t complaining either, he had his playdoh, and he was happier than a pig in slop. It was nice to see for a change. That’s about it for today’s entry.


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