What is this world coming to?

I just heard something really disturbing on the radio this morning.  Three 1st graders, yes, I said 1st graders, we’re talking 6 & 7 yr. olds in Anchorage, Alaska are in big trouble, for conspiring to harm another girl with silica tablets, they are not poisonous, but the intent was there, and they were trying to harm another person, probably the same age. I just sit and wonder, what is going on here? These kids (bullies really) are getting younger and younger.

I wonder if an adult or an older child put them up to this though. Or maybe they’re exposed to too much of the t.v. shows that expose them to these types of ideas. Kids are smart these days, all they need to do is to watch this stuff on t.v., and then if they have internet access, they google it.  It’s horrifying, it really is. Makes me sick really.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

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