Election Woes

I’m sure everyone will agree that this is the craziest, and most controversial election year in history. With the exception of the die hard Trump or Clinton supporters, everyone else in between are still undecided about who to vote for.  For me, I think, I’m going more and more toward voting for Hillary. Yeah, there’s a lot of talk about the Bengazi thing, and the email thing, but for the most part, she has experience, and she knows far more about foreign policy.

She also hasn’t gone shooting her mouth off saying ridiculous things. I did hear her say that people who vote for Trump are deplorable. Whether or not she apologized is not known to me, but that’s about the worst thing I’ve heard her say.  I’m not going to criticize Trump supporters, that is their prerogative. This is still America, where we STILL have our freedoms. I don’t like it when people come down on me for liking Hillary, so I will not do the same to them.

Everybody’s point of view is different, they all see something “good” in their choice for candidate. I will say though that these are the reasons I can’t stand Trump, and it’s not just because he’s running for president, I loathed him even before then.

  1. He’s arrogant, and belligerent, I likes to cause drama, and doesn’t give a rat’s behind who he offends.
  2.  He’s delusional, and narcissistic, he thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and not to mention vain.
  3. He has no respect for women, puts them down every chance he gets, he’s also a pervert. Who else would tell their own daughter that if he weren’t married, he’d marry her? He’s got some serious issues.
  4. Knows nothing of foreign policy, disrespects our veterans. Probably thinks he has the right to because he’s never served.
  5. Bad temperament, very juvenile…he seriously needs to grow up…mentally.
  6. Also disrespectful towards minorities, and disabled people. As the mother of an adult son with Autism, the day I saw him mocking a reporter with Cerebral Palsy, that just made my blood boil and make me loathe him even more.
  7. Thinks he’s above the law when it comes to taxes. He calls Hillary a crook, well, it takes one to know one. He’s a pro at being a crook, stiffing people out of money for building  for him, and also the deal with Trump University, the student paid to study there, and weren’t able to and were never reimbursed.
  8. He’s also filed for bankruptcy 6 times, then swindled people out of money and got his money all back. If he does that in big business, do you really want him to be our Commander in Chief?
  9. He’s also a hypocrite, I’ve heard him say that he wants all Americans to buy American made products. When his stuff is made in other countries, and NOT America.
  10. STUPID STUPID STUPID….the man is a MORON. To say on national television when being asked why he hasn’t paid his Federal taxes, he said, “cause I’m smart”.  AH….NO, that’s an admission of guilt right there!. And then he turns around and tells a reporter that he never said that.

Just keep on the path you’re treading Trump….you’ve already lost one debate. You’re gonna lose the next two, not to mention the election.

My prediction…..Hillary’s going to win by a very large margin! It’s pretty sad when members of your own political party won’t support or endorse you. The Bush’s…staunch republicans are not voting for Trump. That speaks volumes about Trump and how he’s NOT fit to be president. I won’t say ever, because some people can change. Perhaps some time he’ll have an epiphany much like Ebenezer Scrooge did, and change for the better. However I think it’s highly unlikely. From what I’ve read, he’s like his father, a cheat, a swindler, a womanizer etc. and that’s etched into Trump’s brain. It would take an awful lot of therapy. I don’t see it happening. At least not in my life time, or his. and I’m pretty sure he’s about 20 to 25 yrs older than I am.

I have a reputation of saying things without thinking, and yes, sometimes I’ve hurt people’s feelings with what I’ve said, but the difference between me and Trump is…..I acknowledge that I do that, and I quickly apologize for it and try to make it right.  I don’t enjoy blurting out things to people that hurt them. In fact I hate myself when that happens. I have been diagnosed with Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and blurting things out is one of the characteristics. The fact I’m aware of it though, keeps me on my toes, and makes me try and think before I speak.

As a kid, I was always getting myself into trouble by blurting things out, I’m very opinionated, and say things before my brain has a chance to shut my mouth first. Mom always told me….”Don’t let your mouth get your ass in trouble”. I used to laugh at that, I don’t think I really knew what she meant back then. I do now, and I’ve heeded that advice throughout my adult life. Maybe someone should’ve told that to Trump a long, long time ago, would he have listened. Probably not.

This is the end of my  political rant….for today.  There’ll be more to come, after all, the election is just 39 days away. Then there’s the presidency, and I’m hoping it’s Hillary.

Trump….keep it up…I want you to LOSE!!!!!!



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