Christmas music….before or after Thanksgiving?

For me, I don’t like seeing Christmas decorations in stores until after Thanksgiving. It’s kind of embedded in my mind. As a kid, growing up in the 70’s, I remember stores use to just have the decorations for a particular season DURING THAT SEASON! Now, you start to see Christmas decorations amongst the Halloween decorations. … More Christmas music….before or after Thanksgiving?

Christmas Traditions

This is what I love about the holidays. Traditions, trying to keep them alive in your family as they were when you were a kid. Sometimes it’s not that easy. Certain things may stay the same, but for the most part, traditions change. When you marry, your spouse of course has his/her different traditions as … More Christmas Traditions

Winter has arrived! (not by the calendar though).

I was so happy yesterday. It snowed. Not a significant amount, just a dusting, but it still snowed. I love to watch it fall. It’s just so serene, so….relaxing. I was really surprised to see it stick however. On Friday, the thermometer reached 80 degrees. I just figured the ground was still too warm. I … More Winter has arrived! (not by the calendar though).

White Thanksgiving?

I was looking at a weather map this morning, and there’s a huge snowstorm in the Midwest. Duluth, Minnesota is getting pelted with a major snowstorm right now, and I couldn’t be more jealous.        It’s a big storm system though, and it stretches far out to the south west, as far as Colorado. So … More White Thanksgiving?

Super Moon

Did anyone catch that super moon? It was big I’ll admit, but the thing that amazed me about it was just how much light it put out. I usually walk my dog at night and we go down this alley that’s very dark, and my dog doesn’t like to go down there, but last night … More Super Moon

Morning Ramble

Never in my life did I ever think I’d like getting up in the morning. If you had told me that when I hit my 50’s, that I would no longer be a night owl, and enjoy getting up in the morning, I’d have told you that you have a screw loose. I don’t think that … More Morning Ramble