November’s Splendor -Day 1

Good mornin’ everyone….ah…November! I can taste that turkey now. I love November. Cool crisp mornings, sunny afternoons that just call for a light jacket, then the early sunsets that make you think it’s about 9pm, when it’s only 7:30pm.  Taking walks, leaves rustling beneath your feet, feeling a chill in the air, and when you make it home, nothing soothes you like a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Mine is hot mulled cider, if I don’t have that, it’s hot chocolate with a big dollop of either whip cream or marshmallow. If I don’t have that, it’s a nice hot cup of mint tea. Just to take the chill off my bones. I think I’ll make another apple pie tonight. The last one I made didn’t last 2 days. I like to bake things but not cook.  If you’ve seen my cooking, you’d understand. Dinner would be ready when the smoke alarm went off.  I always tell people, the name Martha Stewart is NOT on my birth certificate, neither is Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, or Betty Crocker.  In fact, the only thing domestic about me, is I live in a house.  Anyway, this is the start of something different, I am going to make it a point to post something positive every day. No matter how crappy I may feel, or how lousy my day might be,  I will try my best to think of something positive.

I’m kind of a crab by nature. (born under the sign of Cancer), but I’m tired of being a negative Nellie….I’d rather be a positive Patty.  I will not post anything about this presidential campaign. It’s become a thorn in my side, so I am going to refrain from mentioning anything about it. If I do have a day when this country’s politics have got my blood boiling, I will spill my guts in the pages of my journal, (totally off line, book I hold in my hand type journal). I will also try and start the new year out that way.   Well, it’s now 6:15 in the morning, I’ve got my laundry to finish folding and putting away, get my son up and going for the day, get myself  showered and dressed, lots of stuff to do today, and that’s before I go to work. 🙂

So that’s it for today’s entry…I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with more “good” stuff to talk about. Have a great day….


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