Mixed Blessing

I call this post a mixed blessing for one very important reason. I’ve recently had been having, what I believe are gallbladder attacks. They’ve happened whenever I’ve eaten anything fried, greasy, spicy and/or dairy products. I know it’s not a good idea to self diagnose, but what I’ve seen on the internet as far as … More Mixed Blessing

Dipshit Queen

 This  is a series of blog posts about my ditzy little ways of doing things. I don’t really remember too much goofy shit when I was a kid, but I certainly have quite a few goofy shit episodes I will share, and hope that you get a good chuckle out of them.  They have been … More Dipshit Queen

Christmas glasses

One Christmas, many years ago, my sister got me a set of 12  Twelve days of Christmas drinking glasses. They’re  12 oz. They are sooo nice. Each glass has a passage from the song, the Twelve Days of Christmas. Over the years though, they have gotten broken. I took them out this morning, and I … More Christmas glasses