Evil amongst us

A few days ago, there was a gruesome discovery in town about 10 minutes south of where I live (estimated).  I don’t even know how to begin this. The Tuscarawas County (OH) Sheriff’s office was alerted about a missing person, not seen in several months. He was last known to be living in a house in Wainwright, and the house was in deplorable condition, no running water, no flushable toilet.  The missing person was a man named Robert “Bob” Harris, a Vietnam vet, and this family of degenerates let him live with them, not out of the goodness of their hearts, out of greed. The family, consisting of an overbearing, controlling scoundrel named Brian Soronham, his wife Stacy and their daughter, Brianna. Brian was a lazy, good for nothing slob, and he bullied his wife and daughter, their house was complete filth. They defecated into plastic bags which were either sitting around, inside the house, in trash cans out on the curb and in a wheelbarrow just outside the house. Bob eventually died, (apparently about 4 mos. ago), the Soronham’s  NEVER reported him as deceased to the authorities, or the Soc. Security administration. No, instead they used his Soc. Sec. benefit’s card so they could with draw from his bank. Where was Bob’s body?

Here’s the scene that the sheriff and other authorities discovered. The family sat in their filthy house, like nothing was wrong, amongst piles of filth and human and animal waste, just a few feet from Bob Harris’s decaying body.( They’d have done him a better service by at least burying him in the yard.)

What kind of people would do that? First of all, the smell of a decaying body has be the most horrific and undeniable smell one can endure. Most forensic investigators often have to put Vick’s Vapo rub under their noses to mask the smell, (I’m sure that’s what these people had to do) but this family sat there next to that smell like it was a candle or something. People in the neighborhood, were gagging at the smell outside the house, so how could those people do this?

When asked about Bob’s whereabouts before the discovery, authorities were told by Brianna Soronham, that he had moved to Stark County to be with some relatives. However the smell coming from the house alerted that person, and they initiated an investigation.

What makes people do shit like this? First of all, everything was the highest degree of WRONG, that there could ever be.

  1. NOT  reporting a death to the police and/or the SSA
  2. ALLOWING a deceased man to just lay and decompose while they sat just feet from his body.
  3. ILLEGALLY using his benefits card for their own personal use.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Soronham decided to kill him. Maybe just by being that that filthy pile of shit with a cover on it, did him in.

The parents were being charged with :

  • Not reporting a death
  • Abuse of a corpse
  • Stealing funds

Among other things, the daughter, was being charged with just the first two, and recently freed on her own recognizance. In my personal opinion, she was probably coerced into this and was afraid of her father’s wrath if she didn’t. I’ll bet if they question her they’ll find that out. On the other hand, because of this, her life is ruined, no one will hire her because of this. Maybe a few years in jail will be just the thing, and getting her away from her father will be a good thing.

As far as her mother is concerned. I am tossed because I had met her once. She used to work with my husband at a local pub in town, he said she was super nice, but she seemed as though she was a victim of an abusive husband. She often said stuff like, I better not, my husband would kill me, or I gotta go to the store and get this or my husband will kill me, stuff like that makes you wonder. My husband drove her home once, and he said that house looked eerie, like something wasn’t right. It looked like it would be a hoarders’ house. So when he saw that house in the paper, he said OMG, I’ve seen that house before, and after he read the article, it confirmed his suspicions, he was totally creeped out. It’s easy for us to say, and I have said, that she’s a victim, and why didn’t she leave him? But we don’t know the situation, maybe he (Brian) broke her spirit and brainwashed her so that she’d do his bidding w/o thinking twice. It’s a sad, sad story. One that is horror novel worthy. The kind of stuff you’d read about in a Stephen King novel, or a horror movie. I just hope the true victim here, Bob Harris, gets a veteran’s burial, or at least an honorable one with dignity. Since he didn’t die with dignity, he should be buried with it.


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