An Epiphany

While looking at a video this morning, I learned a few things I didn’t already know. One was that there are certain “healthy” foods out there that are NOT good for you. Foods that contain something called Lectins. Those foods are:

  1.  Tomatoes, the lectin is actually in just the skin and the seeds, once those are removed, tomatoes are ok for eating. Lectin will kill insects that eat tomatoes, while lectin will not kill us, it does a lot of damage with our “good flora” in our gut. We are ok to eat just the pulp/or meat of the tomato.
  2. Peanuts, and cashews are not good for us either, they too have a lot of lectins, what they do is kill off the good bacteria, leaving behind that bad bacteria, that do nothing but wreak havoc on your digestive system.
  3. Beans, they too have a lot of lectin in them, unless they are fully cooked, they should not be eaten. I’m talking beans like kidney, navy, lima etc.

There is a fourth one, but I don’t remember what that is. What these bad bacteria do is send signals to your brain, and these signals tell you to feed them all kinds of nasty things, like foods with sugar, and preservatives, stuff they thrive on and multiply.

Then this video talked about anti-biotics and how they are soooo bad for us. Think of your digestive system like a rainforest. Our bodies have an eco system like a rainforest does, we can have a small amount of bad bacteria, that’s beneficial to a good working system, but when taking antibiotics, you might as well be setting your forest on fire. Antibiotics will kill ALL good bacteria.

What doctors won’t tell us is that we should be taking probiotics with the antibiotics to at least try and save the good bacteria. What they (the doctors )will NEVER tell us about is PREbiotics.

I never knew about what prebiotics were good for, until this. It simply states, taking probiotics alone is simply not enough. I will grow the good bacteria, but they soon die, because they’re not being fed. That’s what Pre-biotics does. It alone can do what probiotics can’t. It can grow and sustain good bacteria growth.

So from here on in. I am going to stop eating tomatoes and peanuts and beans. I will also stop eating grains, which the video talked about as well, and it said stay away from all non organic meat which are given antibiotics, because we can be affected by the antibiotics what are still present in meat.

I will eat them in small amounts. I can’t afford organic, but I will say this…I’m going to start growing my own stuff, and maybe by my meat from a butcher that sells stuff that’s not fed on antibiotics.

Tomorrow is the First day of April, I will start then. It’s also a Saturday, First day of a weekend. Good time to Start. I will keep a food journal.

No breads, pastas or potatoes….POTATOES, THAT’S WHAT #4 IS, there are lectins in potatoes. I’m going to look up more on this Lectin stuff…

No sugar, low salt. Fresh veggies only good stuff.

Actually, I think I will use this as a food diary. More later

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