Iodine and Autism, is there a connection?

I was thumbing through my news feeds on my emails yesterday, and something caught my eye. Iodine and how many (if not most) people are deficient of this valuable mineral. I said that expectant mothers who are iodine deficient, can, and often do have babies who eventually have learning problems, or developmental delays.  Iodine is … More Iodine and Autism, is there a connection?

No place for AJ

For the past 3 or so months, my son, (who has Autism & ADHD) has been ousted from the workshop where he has gone since he graduated. The workshop in question has gone through multiple changes since he’s gone there, and the original one called (SEI, Starlight Enterprises Inc.) has moved to a different location. … More No place for AJ

Mother’s Day

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mother’s reading this. So far I’m enjoying my day, my hubby made a delicious breakfast this morning,  and I’m sitting here enjoying it while posting on my blog. Won’t really do much today, I don’t have to work which is a good thing, if anything … More Mother’s Day