Trump’s BIGGEST mistake.

That big fat apricot asshole, that has the “undeserved” title of President of United States (POTUS) has (in my eyes) Just sealed his fate. Why? By firing James Comey. He is so delusional and thinks that this is just his reality show The Apprentice. When things aren’t done the way he thinks they need to be done, they’re fired. I sat and laughed when I saw the news. Not because a man lost his job, but because Trump once again showed how stupid he is. Did he not think that now that Comey is no longer director of the FBI, he no longer has to keep his mouth shut.

Trump sealed his doom by doing that. He wanted to keep Comey from exposing him, he definitely has to have connections to Russia, otherwise he wouldn’t keep firing people that would blow his cover. Well, he’s about to find out JUST HOW STUPID that was. I just hope Comey blows the whistle. Someone needs to get in there and tell Trump  that HE is fired. Kick him, and the rest of his cronies the hell out of the White House.


Never in my adult life did I ever want to flee my own country. I wonder just how many, if any, have done that already. I am just not enjoying being an American right now. I will honestly say, the only reason I am still here is that I don’t want to leave my husband or my son. I will NOT abandon them. I’ll stay here as long as they choose too. If it gets to the point where it seems there is no escaping the tyranny of this dictating idiot in office, then I will try and convince my hubby to pack up and move to Canada or somewhere outside the U.S., frankly, I’m scared.

My husband is very cool and level headed, and his positive attitude will keep my flighty, but hot headed attitude, grounded. I told him, if I wasn’t married, I’d be living in Canada right now. I’d go up to Nova Scotia, and find work up there.  I’d get me a little camper, and live in that. I’m tired of the bull shit this idiot is dishing out. I’m not buying it, I never have, and never will. I’m surprised he hasn’t got us all nuked already. The man cannot differentiate between his job as Commander in Chief, and his reality show. Like I said before, he’s a malignant narcissist, a fascist pig, a misonygist, and I hate to say this, but, after reading about Josef Stalin yesterday, Trump is a lot like him, personality wise. The man knows NOTHING about history, he thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive, he thinks that Andrew Jackson could’ve stopped the civil war. Jackson died before it started. The guy is a moron. I’m hoping and praying he doesn’t ever read about Stalin, after what I read, he was as ruthless (if not more) than Hitler. Actually, he was worse, because he didn’t just pick a certain group of people because of their faith. He did things to his own people, if anyone said anything against him, they were either sent to labor camps, or executed. Stalin was ruthless, and though the differences in the actions of Stalin and Trump differ greatly,  their attitudes are spot on. They both want(ed) things their way.

Money truly is the root of all evil. Trump is living proof. He wants things his way, if people go against them, they’re fired. Luckily, we live in a country where killing someone either gets you life in prison, or executed yourself, we’re too damn civilized, which in our country is a double edged sword.

If we loosen our strictness on our  civility and become like other countries, then Trump would definitely turn into Stalin or Hitler, or even Putin; and definitely gain more power, then they’d be no stopping him. All of us middle and lower class would be reduced to slavery. So there has to be a middle ground. After reading about Stalin, I will never again say that this country is too damn civilized. I think they could be stricter where criminals are concerned but if we take away  our laws, then we’re screwed.

I just hope and pray that James Comey comes forward and tells all he knows, something HAS to happen, and QUICKLY to get Trump out of the White House. He is dangerous, he’s hiding something, and he’s also a damn coward, firing a man, who’s across the other side of the country. He wasn’t man enough to do it face to face. If I were Comey, I would scowl at him when I went back to clear out my stuff, and then turn and laugh like hell at him. Trump will see the end, and soon. When he’s out, he needs to be put in prison for the Traitor he is.

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