Mother’s Day

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mother’s reading this. So far I’m enjoying my day, my hubby made a delicious breakfast this morning,  and I’m sitting here enjoying it while posting on my blog. Won’t really do much today, I don’t have to work which is a good thing, if anything I’ll probably get really bored. I might put on my sneakers and take the dog on a nice long walk, have my tunes playing. I enjoy walking much more when I have my tunes playing. I think I’ll walk a few blocks today, really get my exercise. Lord knows I need it.

Yesterday, we had a cookout with my husband’s mother and brother, and our daughter and granddaughter. It was an awesome day, and I introduced my granddaughter, Izzy to a squirt gun. I use one of them to use on my dog when he gets barking inside the house at the neighbors, but she had a ball with them. She certainly got me pretty soaked. They weren’t super soakers, just little ones, but they held quite a bit of water, and shot the stream pretty far. I don’t know who was having more fun, me or her. I felt really good, because my brother in law, Charlie asked me if I was losing weight. He said it showed more in my face, I don’t have the double chin anymore. I said no, it’s been replaced with a turkey neck. I told him yes, I have, at  least 25 lbs.  Last year at this time, I weighed 209lbs. I just happened to weigh myself this morning, 172lbs. Actually that’s a total of 35lbs. (+/-) a few oz.

It just made me feel good for some else to say that besides people I used to work with. At any rate, I had an awesome day, and my husband and I were plum tuckered out at bedtime. I will call my stepmom sometime today, before she goes to work,(if she has to work today, I have no idea, she lives 800miles away). My mom is no longer living so, my stepmom Claire, is my closest mom.

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