Remembering my grandfather

                 I just realized what today is…my beloved grandfather passed away 22yrs ago today.  I surely do miss him. He never got to meet my son. Yeah, he saw pictures of him and all, but he never got to meet him. In 1994, my husband, daughter and I moved from NH down to Ohio. I won’t go into why, because it’s not relevant. I was still pregnant with our son at the time. My grandparents who also lived in NH, moved down to Sarasota, Florida a month or so prior to that. They had started getting rid of a bunch of stuff they didn’t want to cart down their with them? They weren’t going down there just for the winter, they were going down there to live, all year long. So of course, my son was born in Sept. of 94, and of course, like I said, my grandpa died in May of 95. So they never go to meet.

             The shock of it all came when my mom called and said he had had a stroke and a coronary, simultaneously. They got his heart going, despite the coronary, his heart was in fairly good condition, so I was devastated. We all were. Out of the both of my grandparents (the ones still living) my grandmother was the most likely to have something happen medically, she had diabetes, Addison’s disease, and other ailments that caused us all to think that she would be the first to go out of the two of them. My grandfather was a former gymnast. He entered the 1936 Olympics, but couldn’t finish because of a problem with his equilibrium, he had to have a mastoid removed from behind his ear. It has something to do with the inner ear, and the balance. So he could not finish. Despite that, he remained active, played golf, jogged, lifted weights and ate very healthy. He was of short stature, no more than 5’5″, if that, but built like a tank. Very muscular. Strong as they come.  Someone who comes to mind when I think of him is Hercules. He had the body of a 30 yr old., he was 80.

           When they (and we) still lived in NH, we would visit them, and my husband Tim saw him in his garage doing chin-ups on a bar he had installed in there. It was a major shock when he was stricken down with this stroke and coronary. The stroke caused his death basically because he was breathing, and they got his heart beating, but he had no activity in his brain.  I got the news that he died, that was May 16th. I cried like a baby. We were close, very close.  His birthday was the 4th of July. I was born 4 days before his 50th birthday.  We always joked with each other, Nana would sit and shake her head.

         He loved poetry,  he’d recite poems. He got me hooked on the triple crown races that start in May and end in June. He was also an avid hunter.  I have pictures of him with his prize deer at the processing plant. He was an outdoorsman, 100%. He and his brothers, were first generation Americans. They were all born in Gloucester, Mass., but their father was born in England, their mother in Scotland.

I miss him terribly..

I wish just once I could talk to him again. I have to laugh, because, both he and my grandmother, were Republicans, so I tried not to get in any political conversations with them, he didn’t say too much but she did. I wonder what they’d say about this man who’s in the White House.

I just wonder what they’re saying looking down at all this controversy. It’s a sad state of affairs that our country is in, I wish they were still here and could voice their opinions. I think they may have voted for Trump, but they were both people of integrity, and deep pride for this country, and would definitely be sorry they voted for him.

On the other hand, his actions before he became president would’ve have them torn between voting maybe for Bernie Sanders, or not voting at all. One thing’s for sure, they would have NEVER voted for Hillary, they couldn’t stand her husband when he was president, especially the Monica Lewinsky thing. My grandmother was appalled. So I know she wouldn’t have voted for Hillary. That’s a fact.  She said…..”He lied about his affair with her, how can you trust a man who lies about that to run our country”. So with that said, I think it’s even highly doubtful that they would have voted for Trump.

His video about how he talked about women, how being a celebrity gives him the right to “grab them by the pussy”. My grandmother would have been totally disgusted. No, I think I  can say truly that even though they were staunch republicans, they definitely would NOT have voted for Trump.  They’re probably up there shakin’ their heads and thankin’ god they’re up there instead of down here.

Well, that’s  it for today……

Gramps, I love and miss you, and wish I could see you again.

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