DACA, we need to keep this alive!

It breaks my heart to hear numerous stories of how countless numbers of “dreamers” face deportation if DACA isn’t reinstated/or kept alive, which ever the case may be. These people were brought here as babies, they know no other country, they speak English like the rest of us do, they are most likely productive members of society, they probably have jobs they go to every day, they spend precious time with their family and friends, they most likely have NO criminal background. It makes me sad, and sick, that America has come to this, WE ARE A MELTING POT!!!!

Does Trump not understand this? Obviously he either doesn’t know what means, or he’s totally “fucking” heartless. I say both. With the exception of the Native Americans, NOBODY is American, yeah, we were born here,(most of us) but, we all have different nationalities. I for one, am a 3rd generation American on my mother’s paternal side (my great grandfather is from England, my great grandmother from Scotland), on my father’s side, I’m a 2nd generation American, my paternal grandparents are Canadian. C’mon, Mr. Trump, are you going to deport me too? I’ll pack my bags, and come back when you’re gone, and rotting in jail.

A lot of us can claim heritage similar to that. That’s what this country is founded on, Ellis Island welcomed millions of people to our shores, people from all over the world. Our government or our president, didn’t deport anyone, not unless they were unlawful, or didn’t get checked through Ellis Island, and even then, nobody but the deportees, their families, friends and the government new about it. Yeah, it may have been in the papers, but probably local papers. I don’t know for sure, I’m only speculating, to make a point. We were always a country that welcomed people from foreign lands, and now, our government, via that buffoon who calls himself a president, decides he’s going to get rid of anyone who’s illegal. Then maybe he should be deported. If anyone has done illegal doings, it’s him. He’s a traitor in every sense of the word.

It’s bad enough that there is a Senator, or someone who holds office, I think in Texas, who is a full blooded Navajo Indian, and he’s being persecuted, and told by Trump supporters, (trumpanzees, I like to call them) to back to his own country. He’s told them, this is my country, I’m not Mexican, I’m a Navajo. If anyone is a True American is that guy. I can’t remember what his name is, but clearly, any one   who sees him should be able to tell, he’s a Native American. They don’t dress like the Indians we’ve seen in those westerns on t.v., not unless they’re celebrating something, or having a powwow. They dress like everyone else. You don’t see them telling us to get out of the country. They have even served their country. It was a couple of Navajo code talkers who helped win WWII. The Germans couldn’t decipher the Navajo language.  I’m not sure how that worked, but it actually happened.

I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but I’ll say this one last thing. Things need to change, and quickly.  This is not the America I grew up in. IT’s a hateful place, a scary place, and I hate to say it, but I’m ready to pack my bags and leave. Please people, get out there and vote blue/Democrat in November. I for one am a die hard democrat, and always will be.  I hope enough people are sick of the bullshit that’s been going on since 2016, and want it to stop. We need a new president. Nullify the election, and have a new one, no republican should waste their time campaigning, you won’t win. Trump ruined your chances. That’s all I have to say. The bottom line is…….reinstate DACA, these people are Americans now, they deserve to be here.

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