Justify….will he win the Preakness Stakes?

There’s a lot going on today, this morning the Royal wedding, and later on this afternoon, the Preakness Stakes.  Justify, the winner of the Kentucky Derby will take on 7 other horses, a far cry from the 20 in the Derby.  The other horses will be:

  1. Good Magic
  2. Quip
  3. Lone Sailor
  4. Bravazo
  5. Diamond King
  6. Sporting Chance
  7. Tenfold

First of all, where do they pick these names? Horses have such weird names. At any rate, I’m looking at Justify to win, so far, he is unbeaten. Will he remain unbeaten? Time will tell. Luckily I have to work today, until 4, at that time, the Preakness will just be coming on air, but post time will be about an hour and a half later, so I’ll have time to walk my dog, and do whatever else I need to do before I settle down and watch the race. If he wins, I’ll watch the Belmont in three weeks, if not, there’ll be no chance at a triple crown win, so I won’t be so anxious to watch. I’ll watch it, but I won’t care if I miss it, but if he does win, then I will HAVE to watch it.

So best of luck Justify, and may you do a Secretariat move, and leave ’em all in the dust.

Happy Race day to all you horse lovers everywhere!

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