Permission from a baby to change their diaper? Is this for real?

There’s a story going around my daughter told me about, that states that some “researchers” or lawmakers, (not sure which) are trying to make it so, parents must ask their child if it’s ok to change their diaper. There is one woman who is ok with this and went viral on social media claiming that this is a good idea.

HAS THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD GONE MAD? I’m glad my kids are adults now, but I do have 1 grandchild, and hopefully will have more eventually, and when that happens, I will be DAMNED if I have to ask my infant grandchild if it’s ok to change their diaper. This is utterly ridiculous! OF COURSE IT’S OK TO CHANGE THEIR DIAPER W/O PERMISSION! Do people realize how much bacteria is in feces? I read of this couple who had a 6 or 7mo. old child, brought  him home, and had him in his carrier, placed the whole carrier in his crib, and left him there while they played their Xbox with the t.v. volume full blast while their baby laid in his carrier SCREAMING, he needed to be changed, the next morning when his mother remembered he was in his carrier went in to check on him, he was dead. He laid in his urine and feces so long, the bacteria in it infected his body. He probably also died of heat exposure, because he still had his coat and hat on. Do people really think that changing a baby could be viewed as invasion of privacy, or some lewd act.


Diaper changing is critical, IT HAS TO HAPPEN PEOPLE! You can’t cannot ask a child or baby if you can change their diaper! It’s not rocket science. Of all the idiotic, and STUPID things to suggest….there’s a lot of talk where I work about this, and EVERYONE is in agreeance on this…it’s fucking stupid. I will not happen. They cannot make a rule like that. This is a head scratcher, that’s for damn sure.



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