New Year’s Resolutions, do people actually keep the ones they make? In my opinion… NO, THEY DON’T, so why make any?

      Lot’s of people make New Year’s resolutions, but how many of them keep them? I’m guessing less than 25%, and I’m being generous. I don’t think I’ve ever kept one to be totally honest. I think the problem is… people make unrealistic goals that they have no way of keeping. I used to make resolutions too, I’m no different from other people when it comes to that, but after a couple of years of feeling a bit defeated, and disappointed in myself, I gave up making them. I quit all together. 

      I just didn’t feel I could truly hold myself to making a worthwhile and/or realistic goal to achieve, so I felt no need to make a resolution.  Most people make resolutions to either lose weight, quit smoking, or just become a better person. Why do people use New Year’s to make these choices, why not use any other of the 364 days in the year? I already decided back before Christmas to take off some weight, but found the holidays were a hard time to achieve that goal, so I’d wait till after the first of the year, but I never aimed that towards a resolution. 

     If people ask me if I made any New Year’s resolutions… I say yes….Not to make any New Year’s resolutions. NOW THAT’S A RESOLUTION I CAN KEEP!  Don’t get me wrong, people have every right to make one, and I respect that right, but for me, I think it’s senseless, and unnecessary to wait for a new year to come around to make a goal, when you can make and hopefully achieve that goal any other day of the year… but hey, if you like to do that, if you get satisfaction by doing that, have at it. I wish you all the luck in the world. 

With all that said, I’d like to wish each and everyone who reads this (and those who don’t) a HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! MAY 2019 BE THE BEST YEAR YET. 



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