Snowless winter so far…..not liking it one bit!

I’m not happy with this snowless winter so far. Where I live is in a valley, we get missed for a lot of the snowstorms, and tornadoes, but in the winter, I LOVE SNOW! People think I’m crazy, maybe I am, but I can’t help it. I don’t like frigid cold temps, like teens and less, and even below 0°F. But I love snow, I don’t even mind driving in it. It’s just so beautiful, especially if it’s kind of heavy, and it drapes trees and rooftops and powerlines. I also love to walk around in It. especially if it’s still snowing out, and the heavier the better.

I laugh because the people in my community say they hate snow, well if you do, then go somewhere where it rarely snows. For me, it doesn’t snow enough around here, and if I had it my way, I’d go back to where I was born and raised and enjoy the snow there. That’d be New England, however this year, they haven’t gotten much either. I think this is a pattern thing. I’ve seen it happen before, every so often, we have a mild winter, with little to no snow.  It doesn’t mean I have to like it. The almanac said it was supposed to be a cold snowy winter for my area this year. Guess I’ll have to wait, after all, it’s still only early January, we still have the rest of this month, all of February, and half of March. Snow can still come in April too. My husband told me that there’s an old saying  “If Christmas is green, the following Easter, will be white”. we’ll see. Christmas was indeed green, we just have to wait until Easter.

That’s it for now….THINK SNOW….


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