Morning coffee or tea… my wake up.

I find it funny I’m posting something called morning coffee.  I usually HATE coffee. If I drink it now, I drink it half coffee, half vanilla creamer or whatever flavor creamer is available, but never plain, it’s gotta be flavored. I guess it takes the bitterness out of the coffee.  Never in my life did I ever think I’d be drinking coffee.  I like it iced too, and of course the same way, half coffee, half creamer. My husband say’s have a little coffee with your creamer lol.

I’m prone to kidney stones, so I shouldn’t be drinking any caffeine to begin with. I suppose I could get some decaf K-cups for my Keurig machine….I’ll have to tell my hubby next time he goes shopping.  We also have a 4-cup coffee maker (he doesn’t drink it that much either) so it would be a waste to buy a can of decaf coffee, some times I don’t drink coffee every morning, infact, I think I drink more tea than coffee. So buying a can of decaf is futile. It will go stale before I use it all, where as, the K-cups would be a better choice.  At any rate, whether it’s coffee or tea I choose to drink, I usually sit and read or type, as I’m doing right now, and it’s limited to one cup.

I have it in my Dunkin’s mug, it says Massachusetts runs on Dunkin’s, (I live in Ohio), I was born and raised there so it’s MY special mug. The only one that drinks out of it other than me, is my granddaughter. She’ll say…..Nonni, can I have some chocolate milk in your mug? Hey, at least she asks. I tell her of course, thank you for asking, although it’s not necessary, you may use it anytime.  I’m not one of those who doesn’t share my things.  Anyone else may use it if they choose, it’s a mug….yeah, it’s says my home state on it, but if it breaks, I can certainly get another one, it’s not like it’s something that can never be replaced.  She still continues to ask, so I can’t fault her for that. We are teaching her to ask for things, or ask people permission to use their things, so I just tell her of course, and thank you for asking.

Anyway, as usual, I’ve strayed off the subject. My morning cup of coffee or tea is basically my wake up, it’s the only one I drink all day, the rest of the time it’s usually lemon water.  I don’t eat breakfast when I first get up, I’m not usually a breakfast eater, not a big fan of it.  I find I can’t eat when I first get up, I’m just not hungry.  I don’t get stomach upset or indigestion or anything, I’m just simply not hungry. I’ve always been like that, the funny thing is….. I’m not skinny, not by a long shot, in fact, I’m about 50 or 60lbs over weight.  Later in the morning I’ll eat something, but not usually before 9am. So I can go from 8pm the night before til 9am the next day w/o something in my stomach, w/o feeling hungry.  You’re talking 13hrs w/o eating, what’s up with that?

So here I am at the computer, having to hurry to get my son up and going for the day, and I can’t get my ass in gear. Hmmm, maybe I SHOULD eat something.  YA THINK? Well, that’s it for this post today.  Same time tomorrow, same nonsense blogs about nothing important except a few excerpts from my hum-drum life. 🙂 Have a great day everyone.

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