Rotary dial phones…simple to use right? Not for today’s teenager.

I just saw this hilariously funny video (well it is hilarious to me and every other person who has used one before) of two 17yr olds  who were given a phone number and a rotary dial phone to use it on. They were totally baffled. They kept picking up the receiver and putting it down again. They would dial and hold on to the dial as it came back around. Finally, revenge! They often laugh at us “less tech savvy” baby boomers who don’t know a lot about today’s technology. But now we have ’em, because something as simple to use as a rotary phone that they’ve never used, and they’re clueless.

I for one LOVE a rotary phone, for one thing, you never have to “PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH”.  I loved the sound they made as the dial came back around. I loved the ring, just music to my ears.  The teens eventually figured it out, meanwhile the one shooting the video is in hysterics.  Great way to start the day.

Here is the link to that video (above) watch and enjoy.

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