THE LAST TENANTS: Day 6…..Day off, spent day with granddaughter.

I spent the whole weekend playing with her, and only got a little packing done the first night she was here, that was it. She didn’t want to help me anymore, so I thanked her for the help that she did give and let her go.  I don’t blame her, I don’t like doing this either, but I have to. After I come home from work, I will try and get some things done, I’ll concentrate on the front porch, somehow get rid of that old freezer, and once we get rid of that, (it’s 3’ft deep, 2’wide from front to back, and about 4′ long), removing it will give me tons of storage space for boxes until we are ready to move out.  I may try and move it out today if possible, maybe my son in law can move it out for me. I’ll ask my daughter to ask him. Hopefully, they’ll still be there today when I come home. I’ll cross my fingers.

Not much to report today. So I’ll report later.

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