THE LAST TENANTS..Broken streak

A lot of stuff has been happening, and I wasn’t able to continue with the last tenants blog. Yeah, we’re still the last tenants, but I haven’t been in here in a couple of days. I forgot where I left off. Honestly….I hate when something breaks my streak. When I last posted, it was Day 6 in the afternoon, I started to post something from my phone, but as usual, I had to get up and take care of my guys. One is Autistic, and I had to give him his dinner, the other is my hubby, he’s got mobility issues, and he needed his support socks off. (He wears those because of his lymphedema). He’s not morbidly obese as you would suspect, yeah he’s heavy, but barely weighs 300lbs. Some would call that morbidly obese. But if you see the people on the show, My 600lb life, he’s much smaller. His mobility issues stem from his sciatica, arthritis. He’s had neck surgery, that left him with a seven inch scar from the base of his skull to his shoulders. Then back surgery. Surgeries so necessary that if not performed, would’ve rendered him crippled. He had disks in his back so calcified they were pressing on his spinal cord. His doctor looked at his MRI pictures, shook his head and said, “how are you still walking?”

So, that’s where my time goes, taking care of my guys. If it’s not them, I’m taking care of my 4-legged guys. My two cats (both boys) and my dog( again, a boy). I’m surrounded by males.

Anyway, that’s the break in my concentration, and my posts. So I think I’ll get on real quick with an update.

My husband drove (yes, he can still drive) over to the house our landlord had for us….it was an instant NO WAY. The house is sandwiched between too other houses, there’s no driveway and no access to the back yard except through a narrow walk way between the two houses.

So he went home and called the landlord and told him (or his rental manager) that it just wouldn’t work. It’s in a very rough neighborhood too. I wasn’t liking it either, and one of the reasons was, I was right around the corner from a woman whom I work with that I JUST CANNOT STAND.

Well, my hubby had been praying something better would come up. Mind you, we’re not religious people, we’re not atheists either, but with our current situation we just can’t go to church. We do believe in the bible, and we try not to take the Lord’s name in vain etc, and we try to do unto others. We’re more spiritual I think. Anyway, he prayed, and let me tell you, prayer works.

He got a call from our daughter, who lives out in Amish Country, that the duplex right next to them is going to be vacant really soon. Their neighbor wants out asap, because he’s paying for two places, they already talked to their landlord, and he’s up for it. He likes my daughter and her husband, and liked the idea of her parents living right next door. I get to see my grandbabies every day. YAY.

There’s one thing, I will HAVE to leave DQ (to be honest, I’ve been looking for a reason to quit) I’ll get a job in nearby Sugarcreek, preferably in one of the grocery stores, or maybe in a gift shop of one of the nearby Amish restaurants, but I’ll say I don’t want to deal with any food. I’ve had my fill of that. I don’t mind waiting on customers, but I don’t want to deal with preparing or serving meals. Grocery is different, I’m ringing up food, ring it up, bag it and they’re gone.

I’ve been a cashier, most of my working life, and if they hire me, they’ll be getting someone who’s dependable.

I’ll have to give my boss my notice. She’s not going to like it. But I’m not driving from Baltic to NP every day. Nope, not happenin’. More later. Time to wake my son up.


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