Christmas! It’s no fun anymore.

My husband and I were talking about Christmas, Black Friday and all of it being a “Merchant’s Holiday”. 

We’re. “Baby boomers”, and as you know, we grew up in a time when Christmas was a religious holiday, as far as shopping was concerned, the OFFICIAL beginning to the holiday shopping season was the day after Thanksgiving.

NOT in September

NOT in October nor anytime before Thanksgiving. The day after was never called Black Friday, and when people shopped, it was about being out enjoying hearing Christmas music being played in the stores and/or church choirs, or even Salvation Army bellringers, nobody fought over things, nobody camped out all night to get in first. It was a wonderful time to grow up in. Christmas shows were shown on tv no sooner than 3 nights before Christmas, and Christmas music started playing the day after Thanksgiving, not 24/7 either… It wa mixed with other music and ALL day on Christmas day.

Christmas Eve, most of the stores closed early if they were open at all. I could go on, but I think you get my point.


Nowadays, nobody seems to care about their fellow man, they all have tunnel vision, they want the hottest item they promised their kids and they’ll go to extremes to get it, even if it means shoving someone aside to get it or waiting til they’re not looking and taking it from their cart.

It’s sad to see how things have gotten to this point. It’s utterly ridiculous!

I for one have NEVER promised my children anything, nor my grandchildren. That’s how they become spoiled rotten. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their kids for Christmas. There have been times when we’ve had so little money that there were so little gifts under the tree, but my kids were happy with what they got.

We made their Christmas special and got the thing they most wanted.

I only wish that things could go back to those days of my childhood.

My family tries to keep those old ways alive. Though I refuse to shop on Black Friday, I go shopping after that, I don’t go for the hot items, and I won’t fight someone for something they want. Material items are not that important. At least mot worth getting beaten to a pulp for.

Do I enjoy Christmas anymore, yes and no. The true meaning of it is great, and tried to keep it in my heart. The crass commercialism it has become, NO, I will don’t, have never, and will never partake in it.

What are your views?  I want ti hear from people of ALL ages..






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