Kitty lost

Where I live, which is out in Amish country, there are always cats roaming the neighborhood. Shortly after I moved here in early May, there were 4 little kittens appeared out of the brush and long grass in our back yard. There was 2 black ones’, one tabby and a tortoise shell. One of the black ones and the tortoise shell were very very untrusting, they didnt want to be caught. The other two however were a little less cautious, and hungry enough to let themselves be caught. Those two were sooooo cute… The black one, who we called Squeak, because he squeaked instead of meowed… was the first one to warm up to us and my daughter adopted him and made him a house cat.

The 2nd one hung around but wouldn’t let us near him, at least for a while anyway. He eventually warmed up to my husband, we named him Mr. Hyde. He eventually became very friendly and lovable but still wanted to remain outside. His other brother met his fate by climbing up into my son in law’s engine compartment w/o being seen and well, you can imagine the end results of that.

Their only sister, was killed by our daughter’s husky. He wanted to play with her, and he grabbed her by the head and we all heard crunch. Whether he meant to kill her or not is not known, but now he had the taste of blood, and we had to be careful and watch him around my daughter’s newborn son.  For safety’s sake and to avoid any tragedy, they decided to re-home him. He’s currently living in a happy home without children or cats. Just a couple and their two other huskies, living a very happy life.

Fast forward to a few days ago. (He had this cute habit of getting up on the back of the bench on our front porch to look in our window in search of a meal.)

This particular day, I brought his food out, then brought Mack out for a walk in which Hyde had to go along with us. Later on that afternoon, I fed him again not knowing that would be last time I’d be feeding him. The last time he’d peek in our window with that sweet face. About an hour later, my daughter’s brother in law came over and said that Hyde was hit by a car and killed. Part of me was deeply saddened, however I didn’t allow myself to get attached to him the way I am with my indoor cats, so I didn’t cry.  It was inevitable, we live on a country road which is half gravel, half pavement, we have speeding cars up and down this road frequently, and Hyde was always darting across the road to climb the neighbor’s tree. He’s escaped getting hit several times, but this time it was at night and he wasn’t easily seen. Like I said, we’re out in the country, there are no street lights here in Amish country.

So hyde met his fate that evening. Though I will miss his cute little face peering through our window, I know am free of worry about him freezing to death this winter.

Goodbye Hyde, we will miss you, but are comforted in knowing you are up in kitty heaven with your other siblings, and their mother, whom I forgot to mention…. she was mistaken for a groundhog and shot.








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