Changing jobs again.

I gave my boss a one week notice. I don’t think she was too happy with a one week notice, but since the last two people left w/o notice, I figure I got her over a barrel.

I told her my main reason was the shifts just don’t work for me. The 6-2 shift don’t work because there are things I have to take care of in the morning for both Tim & AJ, and afternoons don’t work because oftentimes(depending on who I work with ) I get home @11pm. I HATE eating my dinner that late at night. There’s no where I can relax and eat my dinner at my present job. Yeah, I could eat at the table in the shop/garage but there’s a huge disgusting ashtray sitting on it and I’ll be damned if I’ll empty that. And I would refuse if I was asked to. There are other reasons for my leaving.

The stupid phone policy: We’re REQUIRED to answer the phone before the 4th time, even if we have a line full of people. That just doesn’t fly right with me.

Making customers wait.

Dealing with having to card people and them giving me lip service. I don’t make the laws!

The number of people who come in EVERY day and buy 24 or 30 packs of beer, or the biggest bottles of booze, usually vodka, sometimes the margarita mixes, sometimes wines., but mostly vodka. I’ve had people ask me about the stuff, I tell them I don’t drink, they look at me like I’m strange. Hey, maybe I am but at least my liver isn’t swimming in a sea of alcohol. I find myself feeling depressed because I feel sorry for some for some of of these pour souls who feel they either need to drink to cope with their home life, their a victim of a cycle of alcoholism. I probably shouldn’t care, but I’m a caring person. I can’t help it.

Dealing with a person I’ll refer to as Sybil. I never know what kind of mood she’s gonna be in. She’s so fucking two faced, and can’t stand to be told she was wrong. And apologize? Not a chance in hell. One time she accused me of something I never said, when I told her I never said it, she threw a hissy fit, threw something down and said in a huff, said I’ll look at the cameras, which have sound. She never came back to say she was wrong, so either she never looked, or she never found anything. I wen’t home that night pissed off. Tim told me to tell her boss. I said I’m not a snitch, and he’ll tell her to apologize. I would rather have no apology than a forced/insincere one. I dealt withe fact that she showed me her true colors, and that she isn’t to be trusted. I’ve since blocked her on Facebook, and after I’m gone, I will block her phone number from my phone.

I will probably stay away from that store as much as possible.

I have only 4 days left there, which for me is my “get out of jail free card.” Which means that the first time she gives me any shit”, she will get my (closing)keys thrown at her, and tell her with a big smile on my face…. Fuck off bitch, I hope you didnt have any plans tonight, cause I’m out of here. I hear another person will be giving there notice too. I hope she does. I won’t say anything, because they kept my secret, I’ll keep theirs.

What this boils down to is…. as of this Saturday the 14th. I’m done with that place FOREVER.

I’m going back to DQ, yeah it’s a 20 minute drive one way, the shift is better, 11-4:30, I’ll be going back to a crew who appreciates me, and a boss who’s a saint in my eyes. Yeah, tje only drawback is a bi-weekly paycheck instead of a weekly one, DQ has direct deposit, so I can get money out at any ATM, ANY TIME.I don’t have to wait til friggin 11:00 to get my paycheck.

So I’ve already had a change of attitude. For the better!

No more phone

No more carding people

No more putting up with the dirty dusty and smoky store.

Oh, and one more thing…. No more mopping the floor with no soap!

Yeah, the paint on their floor is peeling badly, we only use hot water because the soap makes the paint peel. It’s a complete waste of time, and I have news for them…. I’ll refuse to mop from here on in. What are they gonna do? Fire me?

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