Karma, it’s a bitch!

This is a continuation of my post this afternoon entitled, Changing jobs again.

I went to work at my (now former) job, and the boss pulled me aside and said she was letting me go today so I could prepare fore new job.

She already had somebody taking my place. She didn’t even givw me a choice of whether I wanted to finish out the week.

If I wasn’t so glad to leave that “hellhole”, I’d have been pissed. I want to be angry, but I sincerely believe that Karma will rain down on Sybil and her crew of minions. I happen to know that another person who’s going to quit next. My hubby says that they’ll put in their files that I was fired.

Sybil played it cool trying her best to be sincere, but I can see right through that fake “niceness”.

I don’t care anymore. I’m outta there, I’ll be back where I belong.

I found out that they fired me. I should be boiling mad, but I’m more glad to be outta there. I will be contacting Mike ( one if the owners)via his email. I’ll bet he doesn’t even know, if he does, then shame on him too. I did nothing wrong.

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