It feels good to let go.

I talked a few days ago about how I was let go, even though I gave them a notice. My heart fought my head over sending my former boss a nasty text message. My heart wanted to sooooo bad, but my head kept telling me NO! Let it go, you’re free of them, don’t stoop to their level!. Misery loves company, they’re not worthy of your company.

So for once, I listened to my head. I shut off my phone, laid down and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I felt truly free of them. I didn’t let the anger I had in my heart rule my head. When I went to pick up my check on Friday,  Stephanie was sickening sweet. We exchanged pleasantries, and I left. Nothing else was said between us. I smiled as I walked out that door.  I never again had to go in there. I was free. Free at last.

How I wish I was invisible though….. to go in there undetected and eavesdrop on conversations between Mike & Stephanie, and go back undetected and hide the keys to the storeroom (in her jacket or purse) and watch Stephanie throw a hissy fit. That would be the ultimate payback.

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