Heaven got another angel yesterday.

My dad passed away yesterday morning in his sleep. My sister called me we both had a good cry and then I made her laugh some more. I said we need to stop this crying. It’s not for him. We should rejoice for him. He’s at peace. No longer suffering. We can cry because we miss him, but I’m a firm believer that his spirit will always be with us. We have many good thoughts about our dad that we will ALWAYS have.

He had a strong bond with his 3 brothers. They did everything together, always lived close by each other and all us cousins were very close. Especially the girls. My dad’s oldest brother , had 4 children, 2 of each. The second oldest had one of each with his first wife and 2 daughters and 1 son with his second marriage. My dad had 6 kids, me, and my 2 brothers, from his 1st marriage and my 2 brothers and my sister from his second marriage.

He wasn’t a “doting” dad,  he didn’t get all “cutsie” with any of us and I don’t remember him ever changing a diaper. Perhaps he wasn’t involved with us as babies, but he was a great dad as we grew older. He loved sharing his love of camping, and I’m talking REAL camping with tents and sleeping bags and cooking over an open fire. Peeing and poopong in the woods like wildlife does. He and his brothers would camp often when they were young men and when they became dads, would take us kids camping. It was always loads of fun. Alot of the time the trips would be in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. So when I talk about “old school” camping, I’m not joking. This was my dad. He will be greatly missed..

To know him was to love him.


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