Stupid drivers!

I was watching a video early this morning showing this bus driver who had to constantly shout out her window at people passing her bus, when she was stopped to pick up or drop off students. Have people just forgotten the rules regarding bus stops, or have they just decided that the rules don’t apply … More Stupid drivers!


    As you might have read in my most recent posts, Crossing my fingers, and The fun begins, you’ll see that my daughter and her husband were trying to get out on their own, and did get approved for an apartment not far from here. Well, they’ve decided that it’s really too small. It should … More WHO’S MOVING NOW?

The fun begins

My daughter and her husband got approved for their first apartment. It’s currently being updated, so they gotta wait til they get the green light to move in. It’ll probably be about the middle of February. That’s good, because that’ll give them the time to get packed up, and they’ll probably be best if they … More The fun begins

Crossing my fingers

The time has finally come for my daughter and her family to move out and get a place of their own. It’s a little premature that I’m writing this, because they’re waiting for the phone call that they’ve been approved as tenants, but I have no doubt in my mind that they will be approved. … More Crossing my fingers

Accident waiting to happen: The importance of taking care of your furnace!

We must have a guardian angel watching over us! We had to call our landlord about our malfunctioning furnace, and he sent over someone from the heating and cooling business he has a contract with. Our furnace has been acting up lately, and would struggle to turn on, and quickly shut off. With these subzero … More Accident waiting to happen: The importance of taking care of your furnace!