THE LAST TENANTS: On pins and needles

Ok, so we’re not moving into the house that our landlord picked out for us. I just won’t work. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in other posts, but we have an opportunity to live next door to my daughter and her family. She brought by the rental application yesterday when she came over with the kids. We weren’t expecting that. We were told that their landlord would bring it over on Tuesday. We know we can’t be in there before May 1st, so we had plenty of time. So the fact that he brought it by her house yesterday, tells me that he wants to get us in there a.s.a.p.

We filled out the application, and I put in there my information with my income sources, then I put in Tim’s source of income, etc. and attached a bank statement proving we do have a good income coming in from the both of us. Sarah says it takes no more than a week to get word back. We have money saved up for the first month’s rent and security deposit. So we’re set on that. I just hope my landlord tells him the truth, we’d been living there since 1994, not 99. So that’s nearly 25yrs, and though we’d missed months, we ALWAYS got caught up, they never had to threaten to evict us.

My daughter asked us if this counts as being evicted. I said no, we paid our rent, he just sold the house to the church and they were going to knock it down, so we had no choice but to get out. The kid’s neighbor, (don’t remember what they said his name is) is moving out by the end of April. So we have the rest of this month, and the whole month of April. Sarah said if he happens to move out a little early, and we get the green light, the landlord will give the keys to them, she’ll come over with her explorer, and bring with her, as many boxes as we can possibly fit in there. She’ll leave the kids, or at lest the baby home with John, and come over and give us a head start. What I love is that it has a walk out basement, so getting the washer and dryer in there will be a breeze, and any stuff we don’t use right away can be put in there. I told Sarah if you got laundry to do, you can go do it, and not have to cart around a bunch of baskets, we can set laundry days between us. She can go down from the back and do it, or come in our house and use the cellar steps. We’ll figure out a system.

There’s a dishwasher. I’m not used to using a dishwasher. as for our kitchen table, we’ll have to take the leaves out of it, and make it small enough to place in the kitchen. As far as Mack is concerned. I won’t be able to just put him on the lead and close the door, I’ll have to be out there with him. This is the country that we’re moving to, there’s coyotes, foxes, and bobcats that come around and he’d make a tasty meal for at least the coyotes and bobcats. He’d put up a fight, but in the end he’d be gone. There’s a dairy farm across the street, so the flies might get to be a problem. We’ll be putting up no pest strips all over the place.  I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

When we get the green light, I will look for a job in Sugarcreek, the closest town near us, and get another job. I will not drive from Baltic to New Philly and back everyday. Reason #2, I’m tired of working in a restaurant. I won’t mind being a hostess, or cashier, but I don’t want to prepare, make or serve food. Grocery is fine, and even working in Walnut Creek Cheese is also fine. Reason #3. I want to get out of New Philly totally so I no longer have to worry about city taxes. So sooner or later, I’ll be giving Stacey my 2wk notice. She’ll probably be mad, but it can’t be helped. This is a chance to be near my daughter again. We can help each other. We like being neighborly, and these next neighbors will be our next of kin. And we can watch the kids grow up.

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